Elicko started seed investment at the beginning of 1999 with around nine different food shops and restaurants in different locations of the United States. Like any other investor and businessman, Elicko Taieb experienced many troubles and challenges in his way. But he never stopped trying and eventually become successful in his objectives.

Using his mindset and understanding of the basics of every market, Eli Taieb has also worked as a consultant and advisor in different sectors. Are you wondering how he helped Diamond CBD? If so, you need to read this article further.

What is Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is one of the top-rated companies in America that produces some exceptional CBD products.  This brand is also one of the enterprises that spread awareness of the need for CBD. Bear in mind that this brand also manufactures products that can help with both physical and physiological problems. You can use them to relax and calm your mind and body, and improve your lifestyle.

You also need to know that Diamond CBD now has around ten different CBD products that deliver different benefits. There is no doubt that Elicko Taieb has helped Diamond CBD to produce products that can lead the Cannabidiol market. Bear in mind that Diamond CBD has put immense effort into offering authentic CBD products.

Moreover, due to the supervision and guidance of Eli, Diamond CBD had produced every product after extensive research and data analysis. From multiple surveys to lab research, Diamond CBD and Eli Taieb have established an enterprise that no one can beat in the CBD market.

Elicko Taieb as a Brand Consultant

Since Elicko wants to strengthen his roots in every industry, he decided to become the brand consultant and advisor of Diamond CBD. This step of Eli has helped this CBD brand extensively. From 2017 to 2019, Diamond CBD got successful in maintaining revenue of over $55 million. This was because of Eli Taieb‘s understanding of the CBD market.

Elicko worked hard to create the brand image of Diamond CBD. He used his expertise and time to provide solutions, analysis, and general market information to help sell CBD products. In addition to it, Elicko Taieb also used marketing and online and print advertising methods to make this brand popular.

In fact, Elicko has changed his strategies throughout his brand consultancy job. Depending on the situation, he guides the company in market analysis, content marketing, website development, and other things.

Elicko Taieb as Advisor

Eli Taieb was already managing several companies since the 2000s. His experiences, challenges, and achievements have taught him many things that helped Diamond CBD to reach the peaks of success.

Because of having experience of two decades, Diamond CBD made him their advisor. Of course, this was a smart step of the brand that helped them change and amend their branding and marketing strategies.

While being an advisor, Elicko used his expertise and knowledge to create financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of Diamond CBD. These plans cover several aspects like budget, savings, tax strategies, and much more.